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Windows Copilot, Meta's Multilingual Model, and Governing Superintelligence

Windows Copilot, Meta's Multilingual Model, and Governing Superintelligence

AI Daily | 5.23.23

In today's episode of AI Daily, we bring you three exciting news stories that will leave you wanting to know more. First, we dive into the world of Microsoft with their latest announcement, Windows Copilot, a game-changing addition to the Windows platform. Next, we explore Meta's groundbreaking language model that is revolutionizing speech-to-text and text-to-speech capabilities. Discover how this multilingual model is outperforming its competitors and supporting over 1,100 languages. Lastly, we delve into the thought-provoking topic of governing superintelligence, as OpenAI sheds light on the potential risks and solutions. Join us as we unravel the complexities of AI governance. Don't miss out on these fascinating stories - tune in now!

Main Take-Aways:

Microsoft Windows Copilot

  • Microsoft made several announcements, including two main ones: Windows Co-pilot and plugins across Bing and ChatGPT.

  • Windows Co-pilot is being brought to all of Windows, offering integration on the right side of the Windows home screen and allowing users to ask questions, drag in files, inquire about apps and system settings.

  • Despite Windows' support for older versions like Excel 95, Windows 11 and Windows Co-pilot are praised for their integration and functionality.

  • Microsoft claims to have more AI-capable GPUs on Windows 11 than any other operating system, emphasizing the vast scale of devices that can leverage these technologies.

  • Windows Co-pilot is set to become available in June, making it a significant move for Microsoft and potentially influencing developers' preferences and workflow choices. The system-level integration is highly anticipated, and it will be interesting to see how Mac and Apple respond in the coming years.

Meta Language Model

  • Meta has introduced an absolute open-source model focused on speech-to-text and text-to-speech capabilities, outperforming Whisper and supporting over 1,100 languages.

  • The multilingual model has significantly lower error rates compared to Whisper, with model sizes half as large, making it a powerful tool for various tasks.

  • The model's training data includes religious texts, leveraging their widespread availability and making it suitable for many languages.

  • Despite Meta's minimal press coverage, their advancements in AI technology rival those of major players like Microsoft, OpenAI, and Google.

  • With over 7,000 languages globally, Meta's model covers approximately 1,100 languages, some of which are at risk of disappearing, providing a valuable resource for preserving linguistic diversity. The model is entirely open-source, accessible on GitHub for developers and researchers.

Governance of Superintelligence

  • OpenAI recently released a blog post discussing the governance of superintelligence and the potential risks associated with AI becoming expert-level in multiple domains within the next decade.

  • They proposed various approaches to address these risks, including limitations on GPU access and model training for large-scale AI models, as well as the establishment of government agencies to oversee regulation.

  • An interesting point raised was the suggestion that regulation should only apply above a certain capability threshold, leaving lower-level AI systems ungoverned.

  • OpenAI emphasizes their intent to explore and experiment with plausible solutions openly, seeking input from the global community rather than claiming to have all the answers.

  • The comparison to nuclear energy and the reference to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) highlight the need for careful consideration and potential governance measures as AI advances.

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