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End of LK-99? | MK-1 | StableCode

End of LK-99? | MK-1 | StableCode

AI Daily | 8.08.23

Welcome back to AI Daily! In this episode, we explore three intriguing stories in the world of AI and technology. First up, we discuss the possible end of LK-99, a ferromagnetic material that sparked excitement about superconductivity. Our second story delves into MK-1, a project aimed at enhancing the inference speed of language models. Lastly, we cover the launch of StableCode by Stable Diffusion. This coding model, boasting a 16,000 context window and 3 billion parameters, raises questions about its distinctiveness compared to other fine-tuned models.

Quick Points

1️⃣ End of LK-99?

  • LK-99, initially hailed as a potential superconductor, faces skepticism as evidence of superconductivity remains elusive.

  • Despite uncertainty, the excitement around LK-99 showcases the power of scientific engagement and the pursuit of breakthroughs.

  • The episode debates whether LK-99's impact on science engagement outweighs its unconfirmed superconducting potential.

2️⃣ MK-1

  • MK-1 project aims to make efficient model inference accessible to all.

  • MK-1's compression codec MKML and GPU optimization promise faster model outputs.

  • Democratizing AI capabilities through MK-1 could reshape AI deployment across various domains.

3️⃣ StableCode

  • StableCode, Stable Diffusion's coding model, hits the scene with 16,000 context window and 3 billion parameters.

  • Questions arise about StableCode's uniqueness and distinct contributions compared to other fine-tuned models.

  • Stable Diffusion's continuous innovation underscores the evolving landscape of fine-tuned AI models.

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