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Varda LK99 | AirForce AI Drone Flight | Alibaba Qwen

Varda LK99 | AirForce AI Drone Flight | Alibaba Qwen

AI Daily | 8.04.23

Welcome to another episode of AI Daily! In this episode, our hosts Farb, Ethan, and Conner cover three big stories to close out your week. First up, Varda, based in LA, presents super exciting news on LK-99 replication, showcasing levitation in a high-quality video of the Meisner Effect. Next, the Air Force's Valkyrie air combat drone triumphs with AI, aiming for unmanned flights. Alibaba unveils a remarkable 7 billion parameter model, surpassing LLaMA-2 7B and potentially 13B.

Quick Points

1️⃣ Varda LK99

  • Varda in LA achieves levitation in LK-99 replication, hinting at possible superconductivity.

  • Promising breakthrough material, but further research required for practical applications.

  • Russian and Chinese experiments add to the excitement surrounding this groundbreaking substance.

2️⃣ AirForce AI Drone Flight

  • Valkyrie, the Air Force's AI-driven drone, conquers unmanned flight challenges in simulations.

  • AI integration vital for military competitiveness and cost efficiency.

  • Advancements in AI-controlled drones signal an exciting future for military applications.

3️⃣ Alibaba Qwen

  • Alibaba introduces a powerful 7 billion parameter model, outperforming LLaMA-2 7B and possibly 13B.

  • Ideal for math, coding, and plugin-based tasks, expanding AI's efficiency.

  • Multifaceted model tailored for Chinese language but shows potential for various languages and applications.

🔗 Episode Links

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  • AirForce AI Drone Flight

  • Alibaba Qwen

  • Model to Translate ada-002

  • CoreWeave - Collateralization of the GPU

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