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Meta's OpenCatalyst | RT-2 Speaking Robot | Adversarial Prompts

Meta's OpenCatalyst | RT-2 Speaking Robot | Adversarial Prompts

AI Daily | 7.28.23

In this episode of AI Daily with your hosts Conner, Ethan, and Farb. They kick off the episode discussing Meta's OpenCatalyst, a groundbreaking model developed with Carnegie Mellon University that simulates over a hundred million catalyst combinations, accelerating advancements in material science and renewable energy. They then move to explore Google DeepMind's RT-2 Speaking Robot, a unique vision, language, and action model that learns from web images and texts to perform real-world actions, promising a new era of autonomous robotics. Finally, they delve into the intriguing concept of Adversarial Prompts, discussing a recent study by a team at Carnegie Mellon that used LLaMA to generate prompts adversarial to popular models like GPT-4, raising important questions about the robustness and safety of these models.

Quick Points:

1️⃣ Meta’s OpenCatalyst

  • Meta and Carnegie Mellon University develop OpenCatalyst, simulating 100+ million catalyst combinations.

  • This tool enables rapid simulations, enhancing chemical process research.

  • It is highly applicable to renewable energy and material sciences.

2️⃣ RT-2 Speaking Robot

  • Google DeepMind unveils the RT-2 Speaking Robot, a vision-language-action model.

  • Trained on web images and texts, it can perform untrained real-world actions.

  • This model represents a significant leap in the realm of autonomous robotics.

3️⃣ Adversarial Prompts

  • A Carnegie Mellon team uses LLaMA to generate adversarial prompts against leading models.

  • This discovery exposes potential weaknesses in popular AI models like GPT-4.

  • Raises important questions about AI model robustness and safety.

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