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LK-99 Updates | LLM Editing | AI Radiology Study

LK-99 Updates | LLM Editing | AI Radiology Study

AI Daily | 8.01.23

In this episode of AI Daily, hosts Farb, Ethan, and Conner delve into three big stories in the world of AI. First, discover the ripple effects of knowledge editing in language models, a benchmark of 5,000 facts highlighting challenges in current LLM editing, and an innovative in-context editing method. Next, we bring you updates on LK-99, a room temperature superconductor that may revolutionize the field. Learn about simulation findings and the potential end of Wakanda's unobtainium monopoly. Lastly, we explore how AI is impacting the field of Radiology. Uncover whether AI copilots or working independently is more effective for radiologists and the role of UX in AI adoption.

Quick Points

1️⃣ LLM Editing

  • Adding or changing a single fact can cause a cascade of changes in an LLM's understanding

  • Benchmark of 5,000 facts reveals current LLM editing methods struggle with ripple effects.

  • Innovative in-context editing method shows promising results.

2️⃣ LK-99 Updates

  • LK-99 superconductor shows potential with simulated copper bands for energy transfer.

  • Exciting news shifts markets as room temperature superconductivity gains traction.

  • Future engineering may lead to increased bands for practical superconducting applications.

3️⃣ AI Radiology Study

  • Combining AI and human expertise in radiology yields suboptimal results.

  • UX plays a vital role in AI adoption for medical applications.

  • Future implications suggest AI or human-only approaches may be more effective.

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