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LK-99 Cont. | Flow2 NeuroImaging | IBM & NASA GeoSpacial AI

LK-99 Cont. | Flow2 NeuroImaging | IBM & NASA GeoSpacial AI

AI Daily | 8.03.23

In this Today’s episode of AI Daily, our hosts Conner, Ethan, and Farb continue the discussion of LK-99, an intriguing material with replications in diverse settings, from Russian countertops to superconductivity experiments in China. The discussion revolves around practical implications and the path to usability. Next, they discuss Flow2 Neuroimaging, an innovative helmet offering FMRI-like capabilities, envisioning a future with accessible brain research and AI models. Finally, they discuss the collaboration between IBM and NASA, introducing Privy, a groundbreaking temporal vision transformer leveraging satellite data for predicting crop yields, monitoring disasters, and advancing earth science research.

Quick Points

1️⃣ LK-99 Cont.

  • LK-99 replication news: Russian countertops to Chinese scientists exploring superconductivity at room temperature.

  • Exciting advancements: Levitation and zero resistivity observed, though challenges in scalable usability remain.

  • Public interest surges, promising potential for future engineering and groundbreaking applications.

2️⃣ Flow2 Neuroimaging

  • Flow2 Neuroimaging device: Compact helmet offers FMRI-like capabilities for brain research and AI models.

  • Pioneering data collection: Predicting emotions and thoughts, potential AR integration, and revolutionary brain understanding.

  • AI's role in processing data, opening doors to a new era of human interaction.

3️⃣ IBM & NASA GeoSpacial AI

  • Named, Prithvi, a temporal vision transformer utilizing NASA's vast satellite data.

  • Applications in predicting crop yields, monitoring natural disasters, and advancing earth science research.

  • Open-sourced AI with profound implications, a milestone in bridging AI and earth science.

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