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Unity's AI-Powered Creativity | MLPerf Benchmark | Snowflake-Nvidia Partnership

Unity's AI-Powered Creativity | MLPerf Benchmark | Snowflake-Nvidia Partnership

AI Daily | 6.28.23

Welcome to AI Daily with Ethan, Farb, and Conner! In today's podcast, we bring you three fascinating stories. First up, we dive into Unity's latest announcement of AI-powered creativity. Moving on, we shift our focus to ML benchmarks with a collaboration between Inflection, CoreWeave, and Nvidia.Lastly, we delve into the partnership between Snowflake and Nvidia. Don't miss out on these exciting topics! Join Ethan, Farb, and Conner as they provide insights and analysis on the latest developments in the AI industry.

📍 Key Points

1️⃣ Unity Muse & Unity Sentis

  • Unity announces Unity Muse and Unity Sentis, bringing AI-powered creativity to their platform.

  • Unity introduces AI verified solutions and Muse Chat, aiming to stay competitive and integrate AI effectively.

  • Exciting features include running AI models on the edge and the potential for an internal app store for AI models in Unity games.

2️⃣ MLPerf Benchmarks & H100 GPUs

  • Inflection, Core Weave, and Nvidia collaborate to showcase new ML perf benchmarks.

  • The impressive results reveal the power of training a GPT-3-like model on almost 3,500 H100 GPUs in under 20 minutes.

  • This achievement signifies a significant win for all three companies, with Nvidia's H100 GPUs leading the industry and Core Weave demonstrating their GPU capabilities. Expect more advancements in this space as partnerships continue to evolve.

3️⃣ Snowflake-Nvidia Partnership

  • Snowflake and Nvidia form a partnership, offering Snowpark container services for enterprises to run workloads directly on Nvidia GPUs within Snowflake's platform.

  • This integration creates a tightly integrated environment, providing enhanced data processing capabilities for enterprise customers.

  • The collaboration demonstrates the growing importance of containers and data security, with Snowflake and Nvidia catering to the needs of enterprises by delivering powerful features and services. Expect widespread adoption and utilization of this partnership's offerings.

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