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Tesla Autonomous Robots, Mosaic MTP-30B, & DeepMind RoboCar

Tesla Autonomous Robots, Mosaic MTP-30B, & DeepMind RoboCar

AI Daily | 6.22.23

Join Ethan, Conner, and Farb in this riveting podcast episode as they explore the latest advancements in the AI and robotics space. Get ready to dive into the groundbreaking developments brought to you by Mosaic ML, Tesla, and DeepMind!

In this episode: 

1️⃣ Mosaic ML's Game-Changing Open Source LLM:

  • Mosaic ML has released their first commercially available open source LLM, with an impressive upgrade from 7 billion to 30 billion parameters.

  • This LLM offers a significant jump in usability, as it can handle an 8,000-token context compared to Llama's 2,048 tokens.

  • The availability of Mosaic's LLM and the ongoing battle between open source and closed-source models will shape the future of AI, ensuring knowledge and technology accessibility for all.

2️⃣ Tesla's Foundation Models for Autonomous Robots:

  • Tesla is making significant progress in building foundation models for autonomous robots, leveraging multimodal networks and incorporating camera videos, maps, and navigation data.

  • Their models are ontologically agnostic, predicting the likelihood of objects filling 3D space, which provides broad applicability across various scenarios.

  • With their expertise and the upcoming Dojo supercomputer production, Tesla is poised to tackle true robotics and make substantial advancements in the field.

3️⃣ DeepMind's Robocat:

  • DeepMind's RoboCat is a foundation model for operating robotic arms, capable of solving tasks with as few as a hundred demonstrations.

  • The model utilizes a unique feedback loop, fine-tuning itself and generating new data to improve performance and adapt to different tasks.

  • Simulated agents like RoboCat are crucial for advancing robotics, and increased GPU compute capabilities are key to further accelerating progress in the field.

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