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StyleAvatar3D, Gorilla, & GILL

StyleAvatar3D, Gorilla, & GILL

AI Daily | 5.31.21

 In today's episode, we have three exciting stories to share with you. First up is GILL, a groundbreaking method that infuses image recognition capabilities into language models. With GILL, you can now send images to chatbots and receive responses in the form of edited images or detailed explanations. It offers a unique approach to understand and respond to images without the need for extensive multimodal training. Next, we have StyleAvatar3D, a remarkable advancement in 3D avatar generation. This technology allows for high-fidelity and consistent 3D avatars with various poses and styles. Unlike previous methods, StyleAvatar3D maps out the three-dimensional space to create a more realistic and immersive experience. This development opens up new possibilities in gaming and social applications. Lastly, we explore Gorilla, the API app store for language models. Gorilla connects LLMs with thousands of APIs, offering users a vast selection of tools to complete tasks. What sets Gorilla apart is its ability to eliminate hallucinations and provide accurate and reliable API suggestions. With 1,640 APIs available, this model proves to be a powerful and valuable resource. The AI revolution continues, and these stories demonstrate the incredible progress being made in the field.

Key Take-Aways:


  • Gil is a method that infuses image encoder and decoder into Ella lambs, enabling them to recognize, understand, and respond to images.

  • Gil offers a unique approach by injecting image embeddings into LLMs, allowing for various use cases such as image editing, image explanations, and image injection into conversations.

  • The integration of an encoder in Gil enables both image generation and image retrieval, expanding its capabilities beyond traditional multimodal models.

  • Gil's open-source code sets it apart from Meta's multimodal work, offering accessibility and potential real-world applications in image-based communication.


  • StyleAvatar3D introduces image text diffusion for high-fidelity 3D avatar generation, allowing for a wide range of avatars with different poses and styles in a complete 3D space.

  • The significance of the 3D aspect lies in the visual accuracy and consistency that is challenging to achieve with traditional stable diffusion methods. StyleAvatar3D offers both the generation of 3D images and the ability to maintain consistency in attributes and appearance.

  • Unlike previous avatar generators that relied on stitching together 2D images, StyleAvatar3D maps out the three-dimensional space, providing a more consistent and immersive experience for games and social platforms.

  • The introduction of true 3D assets has marked a significant leap forward, enabling the creation of realistic and dynamic visuals in game development and other applications.


  • Gorilla is an API app store for LLMs that connects the LLM world with the vast world of APIs, offering thousands of APIs for completing user tasks.

  • One of Gorilla's key achievements is addressing hallucinations that exist in models like GPT-4, providing accurate API recommendations instead of generating random information.

  • The Gorilla model is entirely open source, with the training still in progress. However, the inferencing, dataset, and evaluations are openly available. It boasts a wide range of 1,640 APIs that can be called, demonstrating its capabilities against built-in spotlights like Apple's and showcasing superior performance.

  • Fine-tuning the model on APIs proves to be more effective than prompting, reducing hallucinations and improving accuracy. The architecture's ability to quickly update APIs within the model allows for faster contributions and continuous improvement without the need for complete retraining.

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