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OpenAI & Shutterstock | Shopify Sidekick| xAI

OpenAI & Shutterstock | Shopify Sidekick| xAI

AI Daily | 7.12.23

Welcome to a brand new episode of AI Daily, where we explore the world of artificial intelligence and its impact on businesses. Today, we delve into three transformative stories.

1️⃣ OpenAI & Shutterstock

  • OpenAI and Shutterstock are expanding their partnership, providing training data for generative AI and potentially exploring the creation of Shutterstock's own generative AI, setting a potential trend for future partnerships.

  • The partnership seeks to proactively address potential legal concerns around content usage, shifting the responsibility of AI's guidelines and risk to Shutterstock, which may face repercussions if AI model training based on its data is contested.

  • Despite potential legal challenges, this partnership is seen as beneficial for Shutterstock, offering them access to generative tools and possible remuneration for their data usage, although the specifics of the payment model are yet unclear.

2️⃣ Shopify Sidekick

  • Shopify has launched "Sidekick", an AI tool within their platform, which helps entrepreneurs with tasks like changing images, adding text to images, and answering business-related questions.

  • The new tool streamlines the Shopify user experience by automating adjustments, such as changing header pictures, color themes, or adding new product banners, replacing manual fine-tuning with AI-assisted operations.

  • Sidekick's ability to handle abstract questions provides a valuable tool for e-commerce beginners, while experienced users may find it more gimmicky; however, it could potentially reduce costs associated with data analysis or consulting services.

3️⃣ xAI

  • Elon Musk's new project, xAI, comprises top minds from companies like Google and DeepMind, aiming to use AI to understand the universe, possibly launching a competitor to OpenAI.

  • The team plans to work closely with Twitter and Tesla, harnessing Twitter's extensive data and Tesla's advanced AI and multimodal work to create innovative multimodal models.

  • Rather than focusing on current AI tasks, xAI might aim at fundamental questions, like understanding the physical nature of the universe, potentially aiding research efforts at Twitter, Tesla, and beyond.

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