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Nueralangelo by NVIDIA, StyleDrop by Google, & OpenAI's Cyber Security Grant Program

Nueralangelo by NVIDIA, StyleDrop by Google, & OpenAI's Cyber Security Grant Program

AI Daily | 6.2.23

In this episode of AI Daily, we cover three exciting news stories. First, NVIDIA introduces Neuralangelo, an impressive evolution of nerfs that allows you to accurately 3D scan any scene or object using your phone or drone camera. This breakthrough technology opens up a world of possibilities in various industries, from media to drones. Next, we discuss StyleDrop by Google, a remarkable advancement in image styling. With just one reference image, StyleDrop can generate a wide range of styles, including 3D and 2D characters, producing pixel-perfect outputs that surpass previous models like Dream Booth. Finally, we delve into OpenAI's Cybersecurity Grant Program, a $1 million fund aimed at advancing the future of cybersecurity using AI. OpenAI is determined to defend against AI aggressors and improve cybersecurity through innovative projects like developing honey pots and leveraging cutting-edge technology. Tune in to this episode for all the details and insights on these groundbreaking developments!

Key Points:

Nueralangelo by NVIDIA:

  • NVIDIA introduces Neuralangelo, an evolution of Nerfs that enables accurate 3D scanning of objects using a phone or drone camera.

  • The improved Neuralangelo pushes the boundaries of what Nerfs can achieve, thanks to better graphics cards and algorithms, offering more use cases in various industries, including media and drones.

  • The technology starts from a 2D representation and uses multiple angles to create a detailed 3D model, refining it until the desired level of accuracy is achieved.

  • Neuralangelo is one of the 30 projects presented by NVIDIA at a computer vision conference, showcasing their rapid development and impressive capabilities, such as Michelangelo.

StyleDrop by Google:

  • Google introduces Style Drop, an evolution of Dream Booth and textual inversion that can generate a wide range of styles based on a single reference image.

  • Style Drop surpasses its competitors in terms of accuracy and similarity to the desired style, making it an impressive tool for generating content in specific styles, such as company branding.

  • The model achieves pixel-perfect outputs and requires fine-tuning on less than 1% of its parameters, making it easy to use and customize with just one image.

  • Style Drop's ability to produce high-quality results with a single image sets it apart from previous models that required multiple images for comparable outcomes.

OpenAI’s Cyber Security Grant Program:

  • Open AI announces a $1 million cybersecurity grant program aimed at advancing AI-based cybersecurity and defending against AI aggressors.

  • The program offers $10,000 grants to support the development of innovative cybersecurity solutions and technologies.

  • Open AI emphasizes the importance of fostering a high-level AI and cybersecurity discourse and encourages applications that leverage state-of-the-art AI technology for cybersecurity purposes.

  • The grant program aims to address various cybersecurity challenges, including the development of private GPU compute and the creation of deceptive honey pots to deceive hackers.

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