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Military AI | ChatGPT Lawsuit | AI Geopolitics

Military AI | ChatGPT Lawsuit | AI Geopolitics

AI Daily | 7.7.23

Welcome to the newest episode of AI Daily! Today, we delve into some tantalizing topics -  Military AI, geopolitics, and a controversial lawsuit against ChatGPT. Our first segment takes a closer look at the collaboration between Scale AI Donovan and Cohere to bring LLMs to defense and government. Following that, we'll dive into an unfolding lawsuit against OpenAI's ChatGPT. Is this a legitimate concern for copyright infringement, or just a publicity stunt? Lastly, we'll discuss China's access to GPUs, and how changes in international policy might affect this.

Key Points

1️⃣ Military AI - Scale Donovan

  • Scale AI Donovan is partnering with Cohere to provide LLMs to US government and defense, focusing on data ingestion and military decision-making.

  • They're offering a free trial with data sets targeting China, hoping to position themselves as a significant provider amid current geopolitical challenges.

  • To gain acceptance, they must achieve FedRAMP approval. If successful, LLMs could transform how the Department of Defense handles operational documents.

2️⃣ Lawsuit Against ChatGPT

  • Two authors have filed a lawsuit against ChatGPT, claiming the model used their books in its training data and is profiting from their intellectual property.

  • The authors aim to determine whether their specific works are in OpenAI's dataset, but it's unclear whether it's using actual books or just summaries.

  • The case brings to light a shift in public perception about AI, with people moving from seeing it as advanced search to a potential infringer of intellectual property.

3️⃣ Geopolitics - US Restricting China’s Cloud Access

  • The US administration aims to restrict China's access to advanced GPUs via cloud providers like AWS and Google Cloud, furthering export controls and impacting businesses.

  • The hosts suggest these actions are strategic negotiation tactics in the larger geopolitical context, using areas like AI and semiconductors as bargaining chips.

  • Compliance controls on cloud platforms reflect changing perspectives on the significance of advanced technology resources, transitioning from unrestricted access to closely regulated use.

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