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Midjourney 5.2, Google's AudioPaLM, & Stable Diffusion XL by Stability AI

Midjourney 5.2, Google's AudioPaLM, & Stable Diffusion XL by Stability AI

AI Daily | 6.23.23

Welcome to AI Daily! Join hosts Conner and Ethan, and Farb for another exciting episode packed with cutting-edge AI advancements. In this episode, we dive into SDXL 0.9 by Stability, explore Google's AudioPaLM, and discuss the latest release of Midjourney 5.2.

Key Points

1️⃣ Stability AI’s SDXL 0.9

  • Stable Diffusion XL 0.9, launched by Stability, is an impressive image generation model with the largest open-source image model to date. It utilizes a base model of 3.5 billion parameters and an ensemble model of 6.6 billion parameters to generate high-quality images with intricate details.

  • The comparison between Stable Diffusion XL 0.9 and Mid Journey reveals that Mid Journey's images are superior. However, the competition between these models fluctuates, with each taking the lead at different times. This highlights the ongoing progress and healthy competition in the field of image models.

  • The podcast emphasizes the importance of combining multiple models in AI. Single models are not sufficient to accomplish the complexities of the universe. Just as processors have limitations, AI models have their own boundaries. The future of AI lies in the effective combination of various models to achieve more powerful and comprehensive results.

2️⃣ Google’s AudioPaLM

  • Audio Palm is a new large language model from Google that combines Spa Palm 2 and audio LM. It excels in understanding different languages of audio, speech, and recognition, capturing not just the text but also the nuances of intonation and speaker identity.

  • The combination of these models opens up possibilities for enhanced transcriptions, chatbots, and applications that require a deeper understanding of audio and language intricacies.

  • Multimodal capabilities are the future, as seen in Audio Palm's ability to translate between languages not included in its training set. This groundbreaking feature showcases the potential for synthetic generation and the abstract representation of multimodal models.

3️⃣ Midjourney 5.2

  • Mid Journey 5.2 introduces a new zoom-out interpolation feature, allowing users to start with one subject and gradually expand the image to create a stunning and mesmerizing effect. It offers a magical and beautiful experience akin to zooming in and out of a video.

  • The update also includes a shortened command for generating prompts, addressing the challenge of lengthy and excessive prompts. By providing insights into tokenization and highlighting important aspects, users can generate desired images more efficiently, saving costs and processing time.

  • Understanding the tokenization process and the weights assigned to each token provides valuable information about Mid Journey's internal workings. It offers users a deeper understanding of the model's architecture and empowers them to achieve better results by optimizing their prompts.

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