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Meta's Llama 2 | Neural Video Editing | FlashAttention-2

Meta's Llama 2 | Neural Video Editing | FlashAttention-2

AI Daily | 7.18.23

Today on AI Daily, we have three-big stories for you. First, Meta's Llama 2 takes the spotlight, revolutionizing open-source models with its commercial availability. Next, we discuss Neural Video Editing which offers a game-changing solution for seamless frame-by-frame editing in videos. And lastly, FlashAttention-2 delivers lightning-fast GPU efficiency and supercharging performance.

Key Points

1️⃣ Meta’s Llama 2

  • Llama 2, Meta's new addition to the llama open source model, is now commercially available and free for commercial use.

  • Llama 2 is highly capable, comparable to GP 3.5, and is expected to dominate the open source model landscape.

  • The release of Llama 2 creates a significant shift for AI developers, allowing them to run and fine-tune models without additional costs or safety measures from OpenAI.

2️⃣ Neural Video Editing

  • Neural video editing allows users to edit a single frame in a video and apply the edit to the entire video, making it accessible and powerful for beginners and those with limited resources.

  • This technology combines optical flow, control nets, and segment anything to enable interactive and real-time editing of videos.

  • Adobe and the University of British Columbia collaborated on the development of this interactive neural video editing, which is expected to be integrated into Adobe products soon.

3️⃣ FlashAttention-2

  • FlashAttention-2 is a highly efficient GPU usage technique that is twice as fast as the original FlashAttention, providing a significant boost in performance and cost-effectiveness.

  • The improved FlashAttention enables longer context windows for video and language models and paves the way for future hardware developments.

  • This advancement is crucial for maximizing GPU capabilities and brings us closer to unlocking the full potential of current and upcoming hardware.

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