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Meta's I-JEPA, Hugging Face + AMD, & New Beatles Song

Meta's I-JEPA, Hugging Face + AMD, & New Beatles Song

AI Daily | 6.14.23

Check out the latest episode of AI Daily where Conner, Ethan, and Farb discuss the most exciting updates in the AI world. In this episode, they cover Meta's groundbreaking AI model called I-JEPA, Hugging Face's collaboration with AMD, and Paul McCartney's creation of a final Beatles song using AI technology.

Key Points

Meta’s I-JEPA

  • Meta's I-JEPA is the first AI model based on Jan Lac Koon's vision for more human-like AI, with its own internal abstraction of how models work and how the real world works.

  • The model achieves state-of-the-art performance on ImageNet and is significantly more efficient, requiring only a 10th of the GPU hours compared to similar models.

  • The model aims to address core problems in generative models by focusing on understanding common sense and abstract reasoning instead of pixel-perfect generation.

  • This innovative approach has the potential to improve AI's ability to understand the world and tackle complex problems with more intricate details.

Hugging Face + AMD

  • Hugging Face has partnered with AMD to integrate AMD GPUs into the hugging face platform, which is a unique collaboration considering most AI companies work with Nvidia due to its performance advantage.

  • The partnership aims to bring popular transformer architectures like BERT and Stable Diffusion to work efficiently on AMD GPUs, bridging the gap between AMD and the AI community.

  • This collaboration highlights the potential of AMD in the AI space, dispelling any misconceptions that AMD may not be competitive, and may lead to rapid advancements in AI solutions with the support of the open-source community.

  • The partnership is beneficial for hugging face as it demonstrates their seriousness and expands their capabilities by working with a prominent player like AMD in a significant partnership.

New Beatles Song

  • Paul McCartney is creating a final Beatles song by using AI to extract John Lennon's voice from a cassette player that Lennon gave him, which is an exciting development.

  • There seems to be a recurring trend of Paul McCartney working on songs using John Lennon's voice, with new compositions or additions to previous recordings, which may suggest that there will be more "last" Beatles songs in the future.

  • The prospect of new Beatles songs is thrilling for fans, and the longevity of their music speaks to its enduring popularity.

  • The conversation also references the TV show "Black Mirror" and speculates about the upcoming season, adding an element of excitement and anticipation.

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