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Meta's Future AI Plans, MusicGen, and ClipDrop

Meta's Future AI Plans, MusicGen, and ClipDrop

AI Daily | 6.9.23

Welcome to AI Daily! In this episode, we bring you three exciting stories: MusicGen, Meta’s plans for AI, and the impressive ClipDrop by Stability AI.

Key Points:


  • MusicGen from Meta is a big improvement over music. Lm, allowing users to generate music with text or a combination of text and audio.

  • MusicGen does not require self-supervised representation and operates effectively in one pass, producing efficient and high-quality results.

  • MusicGen is open source, unlike Google's closed-source music. Lm, and Meta provides the code and resources for users to try and enjoy.

  • The examples of generated music showcase its potential for creating base-level, lo-fi sounds and even replicating jazz songs, making it an exciting tool for music creation.

Meta's AI Plans

  • Meta's plans for AI involve integrating AI capabilities into all of their flagship products, including Facebook, Instagram, and possibly WhatsApp and more.

  • Mark Zuckerberg is particularly interested in generative AI and envisions features like photo modification and AI assistants in messaging apps.

  • Meta is committed to open-source development, allowing other developers to build on their models and shaping the future of AI development.

  • There seems to be a shift in Zuckerberg's attitude towards openness and embracing chaos, possibly driven by the anticipation of upcoming AI wars and Meta's accumulation of talented AI researchers.


  • ClipDrop is a well-designed product with a range of AI-powered features reminiscent of Firefly.

  • It offers an API for integration into other startups' products, indicating a strategic business plan for Stability AI.

  • Stability AI emphasizes open-sourcing their models while also building user-friendly products and APIs.

  • The API angle is considered smart, following Stability AI's pattern of open-sourcing products and then building upon them.

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