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Meta's CM3leon | HyperDreamBooth | Animate-A-Story

Meta's CM3leon | HyperDreamBooth | Animate-A-Story

AI Daily | 7.14.23

Welcome back to AI Daily and here are three stories to close out your week. First, Meta's CM3leon introduces a transformative multimodal generative model for text and images, offering incredible efficiency and versatility. Next, HyperDreamBooth revolutionizes fast personalization of text-image models with its impressive speed and significantly reduced model size. Finally, Animate-A-Story showcases retrieval-augmented video generation, an engineering hack that combines motion structure retrieval with structure-guided text to create high-quality videos.

Quick Points

1️⃣ Meta’s CM3leon

  • Meta introduces CM3leon, a state-of-the-art multimodal generative model for text and images, based on transformers.

  • The model is highly efficient and performs tasks like fine-tuning on texts and images, generating high-quality images, and offering structure-guided editing.

  • It impresses with its ability to handle segmentation, accurately create objects in images, and even generate realistic hands and text on signs. Meta continues to push the boundaries of AI.

2️⃣ HyperDreamBooth

  • HyperDreamBooth introduces hyper networks for fast and efficient personalization of text image models.

  • The model is 10,000 times smaller than Dream Booth, processing images in just 20 seconds, making it highly accessible.

  • The pace of development in this space is remarkable, allowing for embedding the model in mobile devices and achieving impressive results.

3️⃣ Animate-A-Story

  • Animate-A-Story combines motion structure retrieval and structure guided text to generate high-quality text-to-video results.

  • It addresses the challenge of spatial consistency in text videos, using a database of similar videos for stylization.

  • While the initial motion generation is an engineering hack, the pipeline shows potential for quality text-to-video synthesis.

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