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Maintaining Localized Image Variation | ScaleAI LLM Engine | SHOW-1

Maintaining Localized Image Variation | ScaleAI LLM Engine | SHOW-1

AI Daily | 7.19.23

Welcome to AI Daily! In this episode, we dive into three extraordinary and useful stories. First up, Maintaining Localized Image Variation - the groundbreaking paper that unveils a new way to edit shape variations within text-to-image diffusion models. Next, ScaleAI LLM Engine - ScaleAI has open-sourced a game-changing package for fine-tuning, inference, and training language models. Last but not least, SHOW-1 - the solution to the "slot machine problem" in video generation, where randomness prevails.

Quick Points

1️⃣ Maintaining Localized Image Variations

  • Discover groundbreaking paper on maintaining localized image variation in text-to-image diffusion models, enabling precise object editing.

  • A practical and intelligent engineering solution that offers CGI-level control without the labor-intensive process, making it highly useful.

  • Impressive implementation with a hugging face demo showcasing effective object preservation and image transformations for stunning results.

2️⃣ ScaleAI LLM Engine

  • ScaleAI revolutionizes language model development by open-sourcing LLM Engine, allowing easy fine-tuning, inference, and training.

  • Their move showcases commitment to staying at the forefront of AI development and provides practical, useful tools for developers.

  • The open-source community benefits from ScaleAI's meaningful contribution, offering a powerful project that scales effortlessly with Kubernetes.

3️⃣ SHOW-1

  • Introducing SHOW-1, a show runner agent that tackles the challenge of creating consistent animated shows using image and video models.

  • Aiming to solve the "slot machine problem," SHOW-1 combines prompt engineering and consistent frame sets to generate coherent and engaging video content.

  • Impressive engineering and clean outputs make SHOW-1 stand out, offering videos that resemble popular shows like South Park in appearance and sound. Ambitious and promising for future iterations.

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