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LongNet | Uncertainty Alignment | Motion Retargeting

LongNet | Uncertainty Alignment | Motion Retargeting

AI Daily | 7.6.23

In today's thrilling episode, we dissect “LongNet”, a groundbreaking paper that scales transformers to a whopping 1 billion tokens. Next, we discuss Uncertainty Alignment and its implications for robotics. Finally, we cover "Motion Retargeting", a method of creating 3D avatars from minimal user input data, primarily headset and controller information.

Key Points

1️⃣ LongNet

  • A method called "LongNet" scales transformer models to handle a billion tokens, using dilated attention to avoid quadratic complexity, achieving linear scaling.

  • While this method technically handles a billion tokens, it's different as it looks at pieces, not the entire attention, compromising performance beyond context window.

  • It's viewed as a clever innovation in computational scaling, despite trade-offs, and other methods like 'alibi' are suggested for better performance.

2️⃣ Uncertainty Alignment

  • The paper introduces "uncertainty alignment," a method for robots to handle ambiguous tasks by seeking minimum user help and providing statistical guarantees before executing a task.

  • This approach reduces fine-tuning and prompt tuning, aligns with how people think, and improves user experience by asking follow-up questions when uncertain.

  • While not groundbreaking, it simplifies complex tasks using probability and statistics, potentially becoming a standard practice for various chatbots and robotics applications.

3️⃣ Motion Retargeting

  • “Motion retargeting" is a method of creating 3D avatars from minimal user input data, primarily headset and controller information.

  • This technology transfers human movements to various virtual characters, demonstrating realistic movements despite the difference in character structure, like a dinosaur or a mouse.

  • Though promising, the technique depends heavily on the user's movements, and edge cases like extreme physical behavior can disrupt the avatar's realistic representation.

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