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Google-EU Pact on AI, Alexandria Internet Embed, & NVIDIA's Growth

Google-EU Pact on AI, Alexandria Internet Embed, & NVIDIA's Growth

AI Daily | 5.25.23

In today's episode of AI Daily, we bring you the latest news from the world of AI. First up, we discuss the Google AI Pact with the EU. As Europe pushes for AI regulations, Google is the first corporate partner to join this initiative. We delve into the importance of this partnership and the potential impact it may have on AI regulation worldwide. Next, we explore the exciting Alexandria Initiative, which aims to embed the entire internet. This project, led by microcosm, focuses on making research papers more accessible and improving collaboration and search capabilities. We discuss the benefits and potential applications of this groundbreaking technology. Lastly, we dive into the soaring growth of NVIDIA and the buzzing discussions around its stock. While NVIDIA's market cap continues to rise, we caution against FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and remind viewers to consider other players in the market. Join us for this informative episode of AI Daily!

Key Points

Google AI Pact with EU:

  • Google and the EU are in discussions similar to OpenAI and the US government.

  • Europe is pushing for AI regulation, aiming to implement it by the end of the year.

  • Google is the first corporate partner to join the AI pact with the EU.

  • There are concerns about the lack of public involvement and actual actions in AI regulation discussions, with accusations of virtue signaling by politicians and companies.

Alexandria Initiative to Embed the Internet:

  • Microcosm has developed Alexandria, a project aiming to embed the entire internet, starting with titles and abstracts of research papers from archives.

  • Alexandria improves search and collaboration by providing easier access to research papers and enhancing semantic web capabilities.

  • The project is open source, allowing users to download the models and participate in the open collective to decide what content to embed next.

  • The advancements in embedding technology, such as cheaper and more useful embeddings, along with open source models, have made projects like Alexandria possible now.

NVIDIA’s Growth:

  • Nvidia's stock market value is skyrocketing, prompting discussions on whether it's still a good time to buy the stock.

  • While the consensus is that Nvidia will continue to grow, there is a cautionary note about other players entering the market and potential price fluctuations.

  • The situation is reminiscent of internet-driven hype and market volatility, where stocks can experience significant increases and decreases.

  • Nvidia is seen as having a monopoly on GPUs and AI infrastructure, but the emergence of custom boards and other companies may challenge their dominance in the long term.

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