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Falcon LLM, JP Morgan IndexGPT, & TikTok Tako

Falcon LLM, JP Morgan IndexGPT, & TikTok Tako

AI Daily | 5.26.23

Discover the latest in artificial intelligence on AI Daily. In this episode, we cover three major stories. First, we explore Falcon LLM, an impressive open-source language model with 40 billion and 7 billion parameter models. Falcon excels in hugging faces evaluations and offers unique features for chat-based experiences. We also discuss its licensing model, providing free access for personal and research use and a fair royalty structure for commercial applications. Next, we dive into JPMorgan's patent filing for IndexGPT, their foray into AI-driven securities analysis based on customer needs. We highlight the growing trend of companies developing their own GPTs and the ambitious AI goals of JPMorgan's extensive team. Finally, we delve into TikTok's exciting venture into chatbots with TikTok Taco, a feature that analyzes videos and provides answers to user questions. Join us as we explore the cutting-edge advancements of Falcon LLM, JPMorgan IndexGPT, and TikTok Taco, and their impact on AI and society. Don't miss out on this engaging episode!

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Key Take-Aways

Falcon LLM

  • Falcon LLM, a newly released open-source language model, offers a 40 billion parameter model and a 7 billion parameter model.

  • Falcon is currently topping hugging faces charts for their evaluations, showcasing its impressive performance.

  • Falcon provides both a raw unfiltered model and an instruct model for chat-based experiences.

  • The licensing model for Falcon allows free access for personal and research purposes, with a fair royalty-based structure for commercial use, similar to Unity's successful model.

JPMorgan IndexGPT

  • JP Morgan has filed a patent for IndexGPT, which focuses on analyzing and selecting securities based on customer needs.

  • Financial institutions like JP Morgan are building their own GPTs internally, following the trend of companies developing their own language models.

  • JP Morgan's announcement appears to be a strategic PR move to showcase their AI efforts and drive value, emphasizing their large team of data scientists, machine learning engineers, and AI researchers.

  • The use of GPTs in financial services, despite being banned publicly, is rumored to be prevalent within JP Morgan, leading them to trademark their own IndexGPT.

TikTok Tako

  • TikTok is introducing chatbots similar to Snapchat, aiming to analyze videos and provide answers to user questions based on the content.

  • The introduction of chatbots by TikTok was discovered by an analytics company, indicating that it is still in the testing phase and has not been officially announced.

  • The chatbot feature can understand the videos users are watching and suggest related questions or serve as a search tool for finding more content.

  • TikTok's expertise in computer vision and data collection from videos positions them well to gather valuable insights and improve their search engine capabilities, potentially impacting competitors like Google.

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