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DisCo | OpenAI Superalignment | ChatLaw

DisCo | OpenAI Superalignment | ChatLaw

AI Daily | 7.5.23

Welcome back to AI Daily! We kickstart the conversation with DisCo, a revolutionary project for real world dance generation that's reshaping how we understand motion capture and dance generation. We follow that with a discussion on superalignment from OpenAI, a cutting-edge project designed to align super-intelligence with human interests.Finally, we turn our attention to ChatLaw, an open-source legal language model that could redefine legal discourse.

Key Points

1️⃣ DisCo

  • DisCo, a collaborative AI project between NA Yang Technological University and Microsoft Azure, generates realistic human dance movements from photos.

  • Despite some initial artifacts, the AI can generate natural and high-quality movements, promising photorealistic results within a year.

  • With its ability to realistically simulate dance, DisCo has the potential to dominate social media content creation.

2️⃣ OpenAI Superalignment

  • OpenAI has formed a new alignment team to solve "superalignment", dedicating 20% of their resources to aligning super intelligence and preventing potential threats.

  • This approach acknowledges that aligning super-intelligence is both a philosophical and a technical problem, requiring significant investment and a dedicated team.

  • The initiative signifies the importance of AI alignment, suggesting a future where AI systems compete, with the winners determining the narrative.

3️⃣ ChatLaw

  1. ChatLaw is an open-source large language model with integrated external knowledge bases, fine-tuned for Chinese legal data, aiming to tackle issues of AI hallucinations in legal contexts.

  2. The team found that relying on a Vector DB alone isn't sufficient to meet the exacting standards of law and could lead to the production of false information.

  3. The model showcases the breadth of AI, with solutions tailored for specific applications like Chinese legal data, contributing to a reduction in hallucinations.

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