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Creativity Unleashed: Blockade Labs 3D Skybox Generation, Drag Your GAN, & Meta MTIA v1

Creativity Unleashed: Blockade Labs 3D Skybox Generation, Drag Your GAN, & Meta MTIA v1

AI Daily | 5.19.23

Today on AI Daily, we kick things off with Blockade Labs' mind-blowing 3D Skybox generation tool that turns your sketches into stunning scenes. Watch as Farb demonstrates the power of this incredible tool. Then, we dive into Drag Your GAN—a game-changer for image manipulation. Discover how you can effortlessly transform images with a few simple clicks. But that's not all! Join us as we explore Meta's latest innovation, the MTIA v1 AI inference accelerator. Find out how this custom ASIC board takes AI operations to unprecedented heights. Don't miss out on this epic episode filled with revolutionary technologies and endless creative possibilities.

Main Take-Aways:

3D Skybox Generation

  • Blockade Labs has developed a free 3D Skybox generation tool.

  • Users can sketch out their desired skybox and provide a prompt.

  • The tool generates an entire scene based on the sketch and prompt.

  • It offers a quick and easy way to generate ideas and scenes.

  • The generated skybox can be used as a background in games or other forms of art.

  • The tool is accessible to anyone and can be used immediately.

  • It is speculated that stable diffusion and control net algorithms are used in the process.

  • The tool has the potential to impact 3D game developers and artists.

  • It simplifies the creative process by combining multiple steps into a single tool.

  • Users can feed the generated images into other models to create 3D assets.

  • The current main use case is creating skyboxes for game backgrounds.

Drag Your GAN

  • "Drag Your GAN" is a new GAN that allows interactive point-based manipulation of images.

  • Users can drag points and adjust dials to manipulate specific features in the image.

  • The tool enables realistic and seamless transformations of objects or faces in images.

  • It offers fine-tuned control over image poses and allows for easy adjustments without extensive editing.

  • The tool has examples demonstrating its effectiveness in manipulating cars, microscope images, faces, and animals.

  • It simplifies the process of fine-tuning image outputs and provides controllability beyond the base-level image models.

  • The ability to create masks over specific areas of an image allows for selective manipulation while keeping the rest of the image intact.

  • The tool is expected to be released in June, and creators are planning to share the code repository on GitHub.

  • It offers a more efficient and user-friendly alternative to image editing in software like Photoshop.

  • The tool has the potential to significantly benefit creatives and make image manipulation easier and more accessible.

Meta MTIA v1 Inference Accelerator

  • Meta has announced their MTIA v1, the first generation AI inference accelerator.

  • It is a custom ASIC board designed specifically for AI operations, focusing on specific AI math requirements.

  • The accelerator is different from Google's TPU and shows promise in comparison to other hardware options like etch.

  • It excels in handling small shapes and batch sizes, but GPUs are still more efficient for medium or large size shapes.

  • The integration of the accelerator with PyTorch is a significant advantage, providing backward compatibility and facilitating inference workflows.

  • Energy efficiency is a key feature, with the ability to run a single accelerator using only 35 watts of power.

  • The development of the accelerator has been in progress since 2020, indicating extensive effort and refinement.

  • Meta's release of this custom hardware demonstrates the growing competition in the chip race, with companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft also investing in custom hardware solutions.

  • The integration of hardware accelerators like MTIA v1 has the potential to improve inference performance and reduce energy costs for a range of applications.

  • The future looks promising for further advancements in custom hardware for AI.

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