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ChatGPT Releases App, Google's Introduces "Colab", & MedPaLM2 for Healthcare

ChatGPT Releases App, Google's Introduces "Colab", & MedPaLM2 for Healthcare

AI Daily | 5.18.23

First up, OpenAI has released the official ChatGPT mobile app, bringing the power of chat GPT right to your fingertips. Discover its smooth interface, voice recording, and haptic features that make it a joy to use. Next, we explore the integration of AI coding assistant in Google Colab, making it easier than ever to learn and experiment with AI models. And last but not least, we delve into the advancements of MedPaLM2, Google's game-changing healthcare model. Discover its impressive accuracy and potential impact on the healthcare industry.

Main Take-Aways:

ChatGPT Releases App

  • OpenAI has released an official ChatGPT mobile app.

  • The app is smooth, clean, and has nice features such as haptic feedback, voice recording, and voice memos.

  • It is faster than native iOS voice transcription and allows users to search their history.

  • The app does not have browsing or plugins yet, but those features may be added in the future.

  • It uses GPT-4 and is snappy, providing quicker access to chat.

  • An Android version of the app is expected to be released soon.

  • Some users have already started using the app and replacing Safari and Chrome on their iPhones.

  • There are many fake Chat GPT apps in the app store, but OpenAI's official app should help eliminate them.

Google Colab

  • Google's CoLab, a Jupiter notebook environment, is integrating an AI coding assistant.

  • This integration aims to make coding and AI learning more accessible to users.

  • The AI coding assistant in CoLab is built off of Palm II, a language model developed by Google.

  • The assistant offers autocomplete suggestions, a chatbot, and a generate feature to create new code blocks.

  • Users can benefit from AI assistance within CoLab, enhancing their coding experience.

  • The integration is seen as a significant improvement for CoLab, attracting users back to the platform.

  • It is expected to have a positive impact on the developer community, particularly for beginners learning to code.

  • The AI coding assistant is not yet available but will be rolled out to paid subscribers first and eventually to all users.

  • The code blocks feature is free, while autocomplete and the chatbot are available to paid users.

MedPaLM2 for Healthcare

  • MedPaLM2, Google's healthcare-specific model, has shown improvements in accuracy.

  • MedPaLM2 achieved a score of 86.5% on the Med QA exam and received positive evaluations from physicians and patients.

  • The model provides quick responses and aims to assist clinicians and potentially patients directly in the future.

  • The integration of AI models like MedPalm 2 into healthcare raises legal and ethical considerations, such as liability for decisions made contrary to AI recommendations.

  • Technical details of MedPaLM2's advancements include adversarial question testing and efforts to increase accuracy to 100%.

  • The development of application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) for running language models (LLMs) offers significant performance improvements compared to GPUs.

  • Microsoft and Apple are also investing in AI-specific chips, indicating the growing trend in the industry.

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