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Apple's WWDC Recap - The Dawn of a New Era

Apple's WWDC Recap - The Dawn of a New Era

AI Daily | 6.6.23

Don't miss this special edition of AI Daily, where we dive into the exciting announcements from yesterday's WWDC event. Join us as we explore all things AI related and discuss the groundbreaking features that were unveiled. We'll cover everything from transformers to neural networks, bringing you the latest insights into the world of AI.

Key Points:

  1. Apple did not mention AI during the WWDC event, but they referenced technologies like transformers and neural networks.

  2. Transformers have been implemented to improve autocorrect, keyboard experience, and dictation on iPhones.

  3. Apple's new M2 Ultra GPU is useful for training transformer models.

  4. Apple introduced the Curated Suggestions API for creating multimedia journals on Apple devices.

  5. The Curated Suggestions API uses on-device neural networks for privacy.

  6. Live voicemail transcribes voicemails in real-time on the device and allows users to answer calls midway.

  7. Siri now supports back-to-back commands and utilizes audio transformer models.

  8. FaceTime reactions allow users to separate subjects from photos and create stickers.

  9. ML or AI is used to differentiate subjects from the background in photos and FaceTime videos.

  10. Apple's AirPods and AirPlay have adaptive audio features that adjust volume and transparency based on user interactions, possibly using audio transformer models.

  11. Apple's Vision Pro includes digital avatars that reconstruct a user's face based on scans and movements, but chin detection technology is still in development.

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