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Any Image-3D | AI Drones | CG with WonderStudio

Any Image-3D | AI Drones | CG with WonderStudio

AI Daily | 6.30.23

Welcome to AI Daily! Join us as we delve into three incredible breakthroughs that are revolutionizing the world of technology. First up, we dive into the groundbreaking world of image-to-3D conversion. Next, prepare to be captivated by the power of drones. We uncover an awe-inspiring application where drones perform real-time video analysis, tracking hundreds of objects with precision. Last but not least, get ready for a dose of CG magic! We present Wonder Studio, a revolutionary platform that can replace real people in live-action scenes with CG representations.

Key Points

1️⃣ Any Image-3D

  • An image-to-3D conversion tool is generating significant interest, causing delays due to high demand.

  • The tool allows users to input an image and obtain a usable 3D representation, saving time and effort in 3D modeling.

  • The tool's ability to create 3D models for applications in Unity, Unreal, and Blender is a major breakthrough, enhancing productivity and accessibility in the field. Comparison to OpenAI ShapeE suggests potential improvements in performance.

2️⃣ AI Drones

  • A video showcases drones performing real-time video analysis and tracking of cars, raising questions about the feasibility and technology behind it.

  • The video, shared by a Twitter personality, highlights the potential of drones for comprehensive tracking and analysis, although details about its real-time capabilities are limited.

  • The demonstration indicates a significant advancement in object recognition and image detection on consumer-grade drones, offering affordable access to real-time video and tracking capabilities that were previously limited to expensive equipment.

3️⃣ WonderStudio

  • Wonder Studio, a platform that can replace real people in live-action scenes with computer-generated representations, creating humorous and impressive results.

  • The hosts share a processed clip from The Office, featuring a CG representation of Robert California delivering a funny and unexpected dialogue.

  • Wonder Studio is praised for its capabilities, allowing users to achieve in hours what would have previously taken teams days or weeks, and offering powerful tools for professional video workflows, including commercial usage.

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