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3D LLM | VIMA | FreeWilly1&2

3D LLM | VIMA | FreeWilly1&2

AI Daily | 7.25.23

Welcome to another fascinating episode of AIDaily, where your hosts, Farb, Ethan, and Conner, delve into the latest in the world of AI. In this episode, we cover 3D LLM, a cutting-edge blend of large language models and 3D understanding, heralding a future where AI could navigate full spatial rooms in homes and robotics. We also discuss VIMA, a groundbreaking demonstration of how large language models and robot arms can synergistically work together, suggesting a transformative path for robotics with multimodal prompts. Lastly, we explore the implications of StabilityAI's recent launch of FreeWilly1 and FreeWilly2, open-source AI models trained on GPT-4 output.

Quick Points:

1️⃣ 3D LLM

  • A revolutionary mix of large language models and 3D understanding, enabling AI to navigate full spatial rooms effectively.

  • Potentially instrumental for smart homes, robotics, and other applications requiring spatial understanding.

  • Combines 3D point cloud data with 2D vision models for effective 3D scene interpretation.

2️⃣ VIMA

  • A groundbreaking demonstration of robot arms working with large language models, expanding their capabilities.

  • Uses multimodal prompts (text, images, video frames) to mimic movements and tasks.

  • The model's potential real-world application is yet to be tested against various edge cases.

3️⃣ FreeWilly1 & FreeWilly2

  • Open-source AI models launched by StabilityAI, trained on GPT-4 output.

  • Demonstrates the capability of the Orca framework in producing efficient AI models.

  • The models are primarily available for research purposes, showing improvements over their predecessor, Llama.

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