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3-Big AI Acquisitions, Text-Video, and Pi's new LLM "Inflection-1"

3-Big AI Acquisitions, Text-Video, and Pi's new LLM "Inflection-1"

AI Daily | 6.27.23

Welcome back to AI Daily! We're thrilled to have you join us for another captivating episode packed with exciting news and developments in the AI space. In this episode, we'll dive into three major AI acquisitions, impressive text-to-video advancements, and the expanded access to Inflection's powerful LLM.

Key Points

1️⃣ AI Acquisitions

  • Three major acquisitions in the AI space: Mosaic ML,, and Mode Analytics.

  • Acquisitions reflect the increasing interest and heating up of the AI industry.

  • Focus on data analysis and foundational LLMs, with companies valuing talent and AI platforms.

2️⃣ Text-Video

  • Zeroscope introduces text-to-video models: one for generating lower-resolution versions and another for upscaling.

  • The models show promise, trained on 10,000 clips and 30,000 frames at 24 frames per second.

  • The current limitation is short clips (3-5 seconds) due to training constraints, but progress is being made towards longer videos.

3️⃣ Inflection-1

  • Inflection announces broader access to their LLM (Language Model) and upcoming API release.

  • The model shows promising performance in benchmarks, particularly in academic work and trivia questions.

  • Training on H100s is noted as faster and more efficient, highlighting the significance of the hardware in model development.

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