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AI Daily: Stability AI, Medical AI, & Code Interpreter | (5.2.23)

Welcome to AI Daily!

In this episode, we have some exciting news stories to share with you. First up, Stability AI has knocked it out of the park with StableVicuna, getting us closer to an open-source version of GPT-4 with a human touch. They have announced the world's first open source, RLHF trained chatbot. They also have developed a text-to-image tool DeepFloyd, capable of high fidelity text, upscaling images and creating photorealistic images from text. Our second story is about advancement of AI in the medical space. There are a couple of big pieces of news, the first being a study that shows patient's feelings towards GPT-4's responses vs. doctors. We also discuss Dr. Gupta, a medical AI assistant that not only gives you a possible diagnosis, but shows you the research and studies it used to make it's decision. Last but not least, we have news about GPT Code Interpreter, a plug-in that brings the power and abilities of code to non-coders! Be sure to watch the full video to learn more about these exciting advancements in the world of AI.

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