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5.15.23 | AI Daily

SimpleRecon, Cloudflare Constellation, & new EU Regulations

In this episode of AI Daily, we explore the groundbreaking SimpleRecon algorithm for 3D scene reconstruction. Discover how researchers have achieved faster and more accurate reconstructions using 2D convolutions, making it cheaper and deployable across various applications.

Secondly, we discuss CloudFlare Constellation, an exciting development from CloudFlare. Learn how this new platform integrates seamlessly with CloudFlare Workers, enabling easy deployment of image and language models for inference. Discover the impact this has on startups and developers, offering a simplified and cost-effective solution for running AI models.

Lastly, our third story is EU's “AI Act”, which focuses on open source developers and their responsibilities. Delve into the potential implications of these regulations, including fines and revenue percentage for models available to European consumers. Gain insights into the ongoing debate between open source and AI regulation as we explore the EU's approach.

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CloudFlare Constellation

EU’s Regulation Announcements

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